To remove the stump from the plot, you do not need to smear it with Selitra and wait for a year.


Until recently, I was firmly convinced that the main enemies of all gardeners are weeds and all living creatures, which instead of the owners there was a harvest.

Nothing like this!

The most terrible enemy is a stump.

And okay if the tree is small, for example, the cherry, you’re like a shovel around it, get out of a hole with a crater of a small volcano, you will choose the roots, bounce seven sweats, and then with the help of scrap and obscene vocabulary, after all, the tree out of the ground.

And if the tree is big?

It is here that the biggest ambush lies!

What do you do wrong with this? Drop will not work! Start the excavator? And if there is no such possibility — only grandfather with a grandmother, granddaughter and bug is available from all means of small mechanization. And the mouse has long waved the paw to this problem for a long time, and went to more adequate owners rich in repka, not stumps.

So the problem of stumps must be solved dramatically.

Once my neighbor decided to pull the huge stump Gazelle. Enclosed it from all sides, littered the roots, hooked his long cable for the rear axle, dispersed and calmed. Yeah, the upper half of the Gazelle rushed forward, and the rear axle remained in place.

I don’t have gazelles, too much rear axles, too, so I solved the problem with my own method, somewhat far from tips, which often see on YouTube and Zen. You have already, probably read a useful advice that you need to drill the old stump in several places, pour holes with the balls of ammonium nitrate, wait for a year and then break all the sledgehammer.

Read? Forget!

Stupid advice. The big stump of the Selith for the year is not a custody. Mortulate a sledge hammer to wave. Normal people use Selitra, but somewhat different and technology of a well-known Russian scientist, who tried everything to reach, to launch into space, or, at worst, relieve from the roof — Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky.

The uncle was cool. Developed not only scientific theories, but also tried to implement them on small training missiles. So we will arrange his experience and try to get rid of Stumps, having launched it to an near-earth orbit. And for this we need to do from the stump … the most real rrrugeta.

So. As in the same rollers from the Internet, we take a stump of 1 thing. And drill in it a few large holes. I have a great drill on metal, here I learned the genocide stump. The main thing to drill close to each other so that the holes are practically connected.

After that, we go home and get two most important ingredients from the garage to create rocket fuel: a potassium saltper and a pack / bank / Sahara box. For your stump-astronaut, I took a pack of Kaliva Selitra (ammonium does not fit !!!) and mixed it in a simple glass jar with sugar in the proportion of 70% nitrate * 30% sugar.

Who did in Soviet childhood, not connected to all internet and smartphones, bombs, he knows that the mixture obtained is almost rocket fuel (in the present rocket fuel it is necessary to mix 50% * 50%). They can refuel small rockets that fly on such a stuff to one and a half or two kilometers of height.

We do not need such a reactive force, otherwise the stump can really just take off and knock down the ISS, for example. Although … if you lay more, then the shaggy is notable, after which you can present the ultimatum of the Czech Republic and send their diplomats: they say your agents of the stump blew up.

Okay, joking, kidding.

With a ratio of 70 * 30, the nitrate will burn very strongly, but there will be no reactive jet. But there will be an adware temperature — about 1,400 degrees. So the first freshness you have a stump or not — no difference.

So, the mixture obtained is tightly stuffing the stump-astronaut, dripping on one of the holes by a gasoline and make a small track to have time to move away from the place of the stratum. Gilt …

Caramel fuel (so it is also called) It burns very much. Nothing remains from stumps and roots, only charred residues. If the stump is very big, and there is little holes, then the procedure can be repeated even time. In the end, you will have — pit on the spot.

Burns everything up to the roots!

And, as my favorite humorist M. Zadornov said, no need to whine a grandmother! Why wait for a year and wave a sledgehammer when all worries are 3 minutes, no more.

There is another way to get rid of the stump, they came up with our military, but about this is another story.