Traveled all sawmills in the area: is there really a deficit of the tree that we talk about


Not on time, oh, not on time we started the reconstruction of our workshop. So the money is different — too the grand construction is obtained, so also building materials went up at times.

For reworking the rafter system, we need 20 boards 50 * 200 and three cube board 25 * 150. Previously, it was possible without thinking to arrive at the construction market, to call the seller the cube and you will bring everything in a great form for 12 — 15 thousand. The boards were even given to the surrender — there is no changing money from the seller, it will drive into the car for a couple of boards more.

An end comes to everything: for each of these boards I had to give 1200 rubles for «urban rates».

Just think about 1200 rubles for each board. And, as sellers reported on the market, this is not the limit. Next week promise a rise in price by about 30%. Although the cat has a cat in the buyer market, the sellers are sad — the demand fell almost twice. Accordingly, the boards on the market just ran. Urfin Jus from the famous fairy tale could produce his dabs just in a space scale.

So what is the reason for such a price increase, if the market for the board and timber is full, there are few buyers, and gigantic prices?

We are told that the reason in increased demand for lumber from foreign consumers. I say the whole tree leaves abroad — there prices grew more than 5 times. About prices — pure truth. In the US, the board and plywood rose around almost 5.5 times, many simply stopped being built at all. For their fledged country, such prices are exorbitant luxury.

But everything that concerns the demand for a tree is a lie from beginning to end. The fact is that raw forest either Europe nor the US is needed. They need a dry calibrated chamber of chamber drying. At the same time, we simply went on raw boards in the markets.

Somewhere incomplete!

I had to go to the forest, right on the sawmills and learn the rates from local producers. Last week we «jumped» to one closest, and this week decided to go around everything in the district and see:

Is there really a deficit of a tree or not?

And, after this trip, I have something to tell you!

Boards and timber straight from the sawmill are not many now.

Its just before the scratch!

All sawmills simply break from the tree. We are brought and saw not only pine, but also birch for plywood and boards. Click, choose (3-5-6 meters), pay and you can safely pick up a board or a pair by self-removal or order delivery.

This year, in the Mountain Bashkiria, there were catastrophically low rains, the roads did not spin, the forest yields calmly go from the plot to the asphalt fabric, where the roundabouts are overloaded for trucks.

During these few days, I visited 11 sawmills and two woodworking combines. There is no deficit and in mom! In some way, the forests accumulated so much that it rolls over the fence, and the heaps of sawdust override the roofs of the workshops over several months. Who other than the days drove the Beloretsky dock by the smooth road, he saw this fundamental spectacle with a rounded top of a three-story house.

What can be said about what I saw and you (all photos are made from drone for yesterday and today) there is no shortage. There is a conspiracy of the manufacturers of plywood and merchants in the markets. All this will lead to the fact that an attempt to earn will reduce demand to a minimum, and in winter people will stop taking the board and the price will inevitably swing down.

Of course, up to 7-8 thousand it does not go down, but 10-12 thousand per cubic / m will be quite normal. Personally, I will save money to take the board and the ram in the adequate price. Anyway, I can’t reconstruct a house in the village.