We lie for themselves, and then shout that unreliable: 3 functions of the screwdriver that even use the pros


The biggest trouble of all Russian people — we never read the instructions. And if we read, then, as a rule, it is already too late to read the section «Precautions» or «Preparation for Operation», and you need to read the «Addresses of Repair Workshops».

Once I bought Opoochen the expensive tape saw on the glass. Collected himself, even without looking into the instructions. Ohhh, as I was proud of himself! The workshop shone without lamps. I set up and even started working. And then I noticed a small lever on the side.

I wonder what it is for the thing

Saw immediately said:


Already then in the operating instructions I read: «In no case do not press the» spindle lock button «with a working saw». So unknown me «

Carry me to repair, fool!

The same with a screwdriver. It would seem, well, what can be so complicated.


I learned about it when almost a new screwdriver was brought to repair and refused to be warranty. It turns out the screwdriver, I said several times:

Carry me to repair, fool!

But these words, in fairness, I did not hear.

So, let’s talk about

He is not a drill.


And this is a completely wrong point of view. The fact is that the screw is screwed, even if the drill function and the manufacturer behaves with the left heel into the right chest, in this mode, it is quickly wearing as much as possible.

Therefore, on drilling only drilling, all other operations are performed only in other modes.

He is not a wrench.

Only after the purchase, many are upset — a powerful shurry for verification turns out to be a weak fan, removed from the carlson retired.

The maximum torque from the screw is reached only in position: «Speed-1» and intermediate mode (see photo above). Some shurry at such an intermediate stage have a special recess.

It’s like a hint, my brother, will not be deeper!

If you turn the screwdriver in drilling mode and at the second speed, then the power of the screwdriver falls by about 40%. So remember, speed and power are combined in the instrument very badly. Although like a mixer for whipping egg proteins this mode will be the most.

The most common breakage of screwdrivers

The collapse of the gearbox!

The screwdriver itself is very reliable aircraft, provided that it is not made in the Chinese basement with the helpless Chinese, Gypsies or Hungarian diplomats (who accidentally stayed for tickets from Russia and are ready to sell you a screwdriver worth 50 thousand just for 5) .

But no technique is insured against the coronal hands of people who do not read instructions (see the beginning of the article).

Most often, the collapse of the gearboxes occurs for one simple reason: the screwdriver is enabled in the «Drilling» mode and the owner did not move the «Speed-1 and Speed-2» modes:

That is, the speed switch is in an intermediate position. Hop, when you rush to finish the work, do not notice it easier to light. As soon as you try to spin some particularly hefty fastener in this mode, the gearbox can and will survive for the first time, but … it will be his penulty swan song.



From the tongue of screwdrivers, this translates as follows:

The last time such tricks. I warned you!

That is this phrase I did not hear twice. For the third time with the screwdriver, I have already translated the service master and the translation of me sooooo did not like: «Case is not a warranty.»