What to do in pensions, if you are bored and love fish?


No matter how sad talk about it, but a lot of men, having retired, calm down.


From the word at all.

Pivassic and cold vodka, bathhouse, kebab, fishing, idle lying on the sofa, Admiral hour, captain’s hour, boatswain five-minute … Only «reassuring» do not take into account that the Mammoth kilogram is supposed to … Detight , red face, pressure, stroke, heart attack and other joys.

Right in front of my eyes, at least three such examples were held. One ended with a divorce and disabilities, a second stroke, the third ends … and the other together together.

And what to do if you are retired, but there are even energies, you love fishing and fish at all, you know how to cook it well, and the family budget would be nice to replenish?

Open Fish Department!

But not a simple fish department. By the way, they are full of them. And the department with all sorts of delicious and fish smoked, including their own preparation.

How to make people come to your fishing department even from the other end of the city? Very simple! It is necessary to offer them what else in other places they simply will not be able to find: low price, a wide range, fresh or unique products.

If you decide to open the department at the fair, then with a low price you will fly into the pipe — the rental will be rented anyway. The breadth of the range in a small department, too, can not shine — not the scope. There is only one way out: fresh and unique product.

It was on this that I bet the hero of today’s story. Pensioner, an avid fan of fish, which is well able to smoke it and also sell!

How could he stand out from a number of identical departments with fish?

They are at the fair of 6 pieces in two rows.

All day stand and look at each other.

(Here a few months ago one «fish» entrepreneur and could not stand, moved. The place was sold, soldered apartment, a garage, a car and other property and moved … in Krasnodar to permanent residence. Where else can the magnet can go there? Just there. We will)

It is this «fish», but not profitable place and leased a pensioner-fisherman. All twisted at the temple: what are you a fool? To you here such a wolf businessman was and could not stand. He was given to remain afloat for a maximum of a month or two.

And he risked, took.

And he suggested that other departments with a standard set of fish could not offer: rolls from red fish, hot and cold smoking fillets, mini skewers on the skewers. All the fish is perfectly fresh, you will not pass past, you will always buy. For while you are going in the car, inhale the smell of the freshest fish, expire with saliva of Senbernar cleaner.

And now the four remaining fish departments are sitting and played in Ku-ku.

Why are four?

Because the fifth decided to take the same tactics for weapons and in addition to fresh fish offers fish sickness in the form of «beer nishtyachkov» like smoked squid, dry stavrids, salt fish. And now you can see such a scene when the wife goes to the «pensioner» department to buy a skeleton with a hot smoked fish, and the husband goes on to buy squid or dried fish.

So the fifth month went … normal flight. And the rental is paid, and the pocket drips well, and we do not have to whine that no one buys anything and there is no money from the population. Although the prices in the department are not «trash». Buy little by little, but «the trail does not overgrow.»

Well done man?