What was able to a hundred years ago and what can not now: how do self-regulatory rustic gates arranged


The gate is what the whole house begins. Already only on them you can say a lot not only about the level of welfare of their owner, but also about the degree of his «hoses».

If the owner of the house goes on a modest typewriter, but his gate opens with one finger, do not creak, close well, immediately visible — a man with his hands. But if the owner rises on the steep six hundred Mercedes, but his gate barely closes, shied and they have to redo them every season, then his hands grow clearly not from that place. And the number of drugs here is not a big assistant.

Right now went out on the porch, looked at my gate and something was so ashamed, I will probably make the spring new ones. I may migrate my hands to the right place.

My good friend, I already told about him, built a super dear Finnish house and the gate ordered to become a house: with a forging, decorated with no cellular polycarbonate, and expensive wood with a veneer and a special oil impregnation.


True, this is the most or expensive stayed exactly one season. It began with the fact that slipping loops at the gate asked, the metal pulled, because of which the whole design was twisted.

They did not stop closing (the manufacturer prudently made gaps in three fingers), but the sash was put on each other with such a force that the entire elite village heard: Petrovich came home.

For the winter from the tree, all the steep German impregnation took. Yes, and for some reason, the metal managed to rust well. Well, as a cherry on the cake in January, an expensive automation refused at the gate. I did not bring the technique from the sunny Italy meeting with the Ural Frosts. In the warranty repair, refused to reflect on improper operation. It was necessary to choose the owner of the steep Mercedes from the car and open the knobs with white to open themselves. In the total in the spring instead of expensive gates in front of the super-expensive Finnish house, a devm-collective farm appeared in all its magnificence.

With my city gate, I also wondered. They stand in the place where the underground river passes, so they lead to a couple of centimeters every spring and autumn. In particularly severe frost, the gate suddenly cease to close. So this spring will have to prove that the hands in the right place are growing.

But in a rustic house with a gate was lucky. I’m just amazed at how correctly, simply and effectively they are made.

The gate is made of a larch with a thickness of 50 mm. With a width of a turn of 3,500 millimeters, the severity is incredible. But with all this, the gate opens and closed literally in one finger. It is enough to pull out a blocking nail and a latch from the hole and can be calm with one finger to push all this mahuine.

Balancing the gate such that anywhere you left them, they will remain there. That master who did about the level knew not to be insolent, it was clearly no laser levels used.

Below the goal of the hinge of forged metal with a thickness of 25 millimeters. For 70 years they did not rust, you can say almost new ones. And this is despite the fact that the loops are not lubricated.

They were not lubricated at all!

I carefully examined both hinges — not a drop of lubricant. As they open up with such an easy, and do not creak — I will not have done the mind.

The gates themselves are inserted into two huge decks from a resinous larch. When installing the gate, there were very deep pits in the ground, the decks inserted and tamped the clay. After drying, she grabbed and became almost a stone. This design allows you to quickly change the rotten pillars. But, as it turned out, for 70 years in such a repair it was not necessary.

Interesting loop design itself. It is T-shaped. With her short end of the loop clogged into the tree, the exhausted bottom rests on the pillar — it prevents the savory. Everything is strictly vertical

But most interesting is the design against the shitting of the sash. The sash has a length of 3500 mm. Boards will inevitably pull down. So that this does not happen, a square is made from the larch bar, within which there is another diagonal bar. All vertical boards are nailed to him.

But, if this diagonal bar was alone, then the gate inevitably resisted. This does not occur due to the additional diagonal of the twisted double cable.

Two large rings are driven into the corners of the sash, they will sell a thick double cable, which is twisted and fixed with a large forged nail. As soon as the gate has a little more, it is enough to pull the wrought nail and make a couple of turns clockwise.


The door of the gate is standing perfectly smooth!

What else to say?

And nothing!

Naturally, such a gate in a city house, you will not put in front of an expensive cottage. Mercedes-owners are settled. But they could earlier do such things that served as centuries and did not require attention!