Where in the summer of handmade products, if the fairs canceled: 2 options with good sales


End of June for many masters not only the Urals and Siberia, but also the central regions of Russia issued not very encouraging — almost all major festivals, fairs and even traditional in our areas of Sabantuy were canceled.

All the masters hoped for very good sales, since most of them were hungry from mass events and the request for «way out to people» was. A week before the Bazhov festival, we were attacked by questions:

-You will?

-And you come?

-Was wait?

And I give my head to the clip, such questions were asked not only to us, but also to all masters. However, Rospotrebnadzor made its own schedule plans for masters, issuing a recommendation that it is not worth conducting mass events.

Municipal authorities took to the visor and the recommendation turned into obligations. I will not criticize this position, but looking at the recent meter, you understand that the numbers can be higher.

So, before the masters, the question was eternal for Russia:

how to be and what to do?

In some places, the regional and townships are still carried out, so participation in them for masters is a good job of earnings. However, there are 2 more options about which many for some reason do not think:

Organization of exhibitions and sales in sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Therefore, you will not believe, many health facilities with hunting are going to meet masters and allow for short-term sales fairs on their territory. And, interestingly, if the masked masks, then no references require. If only to take their holidaymakers.

For example, we have such fairs in the Urals on OZ. Bath, spruce, kiskoch. Of course, a crowd of 5-10 thousand people there are no, but many masters are satisfied — they earn their 3-5-10 thousand rubles literally in 2-3 hours standing at the dining room or administrative building.

Conduct master classes in children’s holiday camps (urban and country).

My acquaintances are still this spring, that is, in advance, they went around all the children

Almost all camps agreed, so the guys are now worn as sewn in soap: today in one camp, tomorrow in the other, then in the third. All children and administration are satisfied, as the same question is solved by the second: where to go free time. So all four shifts from the masters are occupied by almost daily trip travel. The cost of participation in the master class is from 250 to 800 rubles.

Masters who live on the southes and seas, of course, is easier, there can be an agreement with entrepreneurs who «hold» embankments, parks, stalls. To us, deprived of the southes / seas, it remains to be preserved in this way.

Why would I.