Which height may fall and do not break the dishes from the «unbreakable» glass


On the lunch break to the offices of private firms, sellers of all sorts of either come. It is also clear, the female team is bored, and here you can talk, see the goods, and in general the shopping with delivery to the workplace is doubly pleasant.

Once in the accounting department of a small enterprise, a young man was — the seller of elite dishes from the unbreakable glass. Naturally very expensive. Static handsome man almost half an hour told fascinated women, what his wonderful dishes he had, washed by European glass windows, hardened on a special space technology, so it can withstand a fall from the height of the third floor, even his grandmother bought such plates and smashed anything for 5 years, Although constantly dropping them …

In general, not dishes, but just gold!

Almost all accounting was ready to acquire such sets. Moreover, they were sold on the eve of the 8th of March with a big discount: instead of 12 thousand, a set of plates, cups and sauces could be bought in just 9.999.

Just the royal gift!

On the trouble of the seller, he was a little delayed with colorful descriptions. And the director looked into the noise in the non-working accounting:

Igor Mikhailovich, and we want to buy something unbating dishes here. Look what beauty!

-Seriously? And what is this non-existent tableware in the world?

-Well, what about not existing? Here it is … a well-known firm … it is a fall from the third floor withstands. The grandmother in a young man could not smash any plates.

Let’s see. Which… —

Beautiful, expensive plate of «unbreakable» glasses, from the level of the belt rushed to the floor, indignantly said:


Iiiiii scattered on the floor for thousands of small pieces in front of the dumbfounded accounting.

Naturally, the seller left the office, and not selling a single set. So on the part of the director, he received a suggestion: not to sell the deception of what does not exist in nature, including in boxes with the inscription «MADE IN BANNA».

So, what is the unbreakable dishes.

Let’s start with the fact that there are no unbreakable dishes in principle. At one time, manufacturers tried to use such a term, but quickly pereobulsya after they were claimed by astronomical sums equal to the number of fragments from broken dishes. I already wrote about it.

Therefore, instead of «unbreakable dishes» began to use the following terms:


Ure up

Especially durable, superproken (Extra Resistant)

The concept of «hardened» refers exclusively to the temperature. Such dishes should withstand the temperature difference from 140 degrees to 20 and do not burst.

But with terms, hardened and especially durable (Extra Resistant) is a bit more complicated. It is this dishes that many of ignorance call «unbreakable.»

Alas, she beats!

Such a plate or a cup, according to the requirements of TU (there is no GOST for such dishes) should withstand the fall on the floor from the height … 40 centimeters.

But no one at such an height of dishes is wearing, it does not wash, not dried!


At the very case, no difference in domestic use between simple beating and «extra resistant» dishes you do not feel.


From the word … in general!

The difference in another — it all depends on what surface your treasure will fly. If the plate (without internal defects !!!!) falls on the boards, laminate, phaneur, linoleum, concrete, then it will not break even if the height is 1 meter!

But if the plate falls on stone, marble, granite, tile and especially porcelain stoneware, then be sure it breaks out! Even if the height of the fall is 40 cm.

A year ago, we had a sample beat a plate of extremely strong glass of almost all producers of Russia (Luminark, Gus, Pashabakh) about a sheet of porcelain.

Plates made of simple glass scattered into pieces when falling from a height of 30-40 cm. And hardening — from a height … 40-50 cm.

Feel the difference!

There were, of course, some very durable specimens, but the fall of the plafhmy from the height of 80 cm could not withstand any plate. The luminarc and goose-crystal (not surprising, as it is one office), just worse Pashabakhch.

The glass does not tolerate collisions with a material that is equal to hardness with it or even hard. Therefore, ceramics and stone for floors in the kitchen … Not the best option.