Who makes the most beautiful and expensive glass: as one small workshop bypassed all the glass plants in the world


Have you heard of such a company as an epple?

Yes, yes, yes, and that very, which sells phones with a capped apple on a lid with a price from the aircraft. Many believe that the appliance is the best, others argue with them. But everyone converges in one thing — EPPL makes good and high-quality things that have the right to exist. The rest of taste.

The workshop of which will be speaking in this article, this is the EPL in the world of glass.

Best of the best!

To date, there are about 1470 plants for the production of glass and products from it. Each year is paid more than 130 million tons of various glasses. Art glass makes about 90 manufacturers, from which in an industrial scale, color art glass produces no more than two tens: Oceanside, Uroboros, Bullseye, AV24, Vision Glass, China Glass, Wissmach, etc.

Each master of glass, as a rule, uses one or two glass stamps. We, for example, use Oceanside and Wissmach in their works. Not because they are beautiful or super high-quality — it’s just a golden mean price / quality.

But the most beautiful, most unusual, the highest quality and most expensive glass makes only one manufacturer — a small crafting manufactory of Youghiogheny (YUGIOGEN).

The workshop has received its unusual name by the name of a small river in Pennsylvania, on the shore of which it is built. The river was called by the name of the daughter of the leader of one of the Indian tribes. According to the preserved legend, the daughter of the leader was so beautiful that when she looked in the water of the river, the waves fell in place.

Americans’s love for color art glass put a famous artist, design, stitched Luis, Tiffany’s comfort, who did not only have its stained glass lamps, but also cooked colored glass. At the time of the heyday of his workshop, more than 200 tons of glass were kept in warehouses, and the number of shades exceeded 5000.

After the death of Louis Tiffany, all the stained glass was spent, and they could not cook the same. Then two masters of glasswerked created a small manuff, the purpose of which was: learn to cook the same glass that Tiffany did.

From the very beginning, all the glass was made exclusively manually. No automation, conveyor, robots and other things. This technology is used and now: Vintage gas stoves, manual rollers for rolling glass, steel sheets for smoothing.

It seems to be the last century, everything is completely outdated, absolutely non-technologically, everything is done very and very slowly, horse prices, but there are queues from the masters behind this glass. Just like new iPhones!

Of the 5,000 shades of Tiffany Masters of Yuchiogeni were able to repeat more than 2000, which are combined into separate series:

Oceana — 300 shades that copy ocean waves

STIPPLE GLASS — bright divorces on the outbreak surface

High Strike — Opal Glass with Two Basic Shades

REPRODUCTION GLASS — accurate copies of Tiffany glasses

The masters play not only with color, transparency, but also texture. Some windows have divorces, similar to real waves, crumpled fabric, ice needles, snow, ripples on water, etc. In some glazes, the height difference reaches 50 mm.

And all this makes a total of 14 people who … come to each other relatives. The fact is that now YUGIOGEN is a family workshop, which employs three generations of one family. Someone is busy at work, someone serves buyers who come to a small provincial town from all over the globe.

It seems to me that this is a worthy example for imitation, when the masters create a real family business for the sake of a common goal, which will soon be 100 years.