Why Australia bought 1000 Soviet binoculars: it would be possible to be proud if it was not so hurt


There is at the other end of the Earth, in the solar and sultry Australian, a very beautiful place, which is rightfully considered to be the best place for this country. His name — Blue Mountains National Park (Blue Mountains Nashnel Park).

In essence, this is a huge canyon, which is overlooking the beauty and scope of the Grand Canyon in the United States. Just the Americans have been operated on the world around the world, and his visit is turned into a grand show. Australians The people are simple, dust in the eyes are not accustomed, lives quietly peacefully in his hurry and is proud to have. And there is a proud than, for the park area is about 250.000 hectares.

Natural attractions There are not considering: Rocks, lakes, rivers, forests and mountains, which wanders local fauna. And behind all this, a lot of tourists watch from several viewing sites:

Peak attendance came in 1999, when more than 1 million people arrived in the park. Naturally, such a lot of tourists needed to take something: cafes, hotels, all sorts of entertainments were built, in short, everything that is being done in tourist sites.

Remember what anapa looks like in August. Here in Australia, everything is the same: people do not push back, kangaroo jump, koalas climb on trees. But the most favorite tourist entertainment in this park: watching the starry sky.

The fact is that it is in this place where there is no industry, dust and dirt, and to the nearest city shook a foot for several days, the night sky is considered the most star.

Therefore, it was decided to buy some devices to overlook this very night sky. Telescopes and other astro-technique are very cumbersome, it is worth a big bunch and a small trolley of drugs, so also tourists do not have a lot of desire.

Search all over the world gave a very interesting result. It turned out that the Soviet binoculars of the BPC 20 * 60 are suitable for overlooking the Australian Starry Sky.

Many are accustomed to read (especially youth) that in Soviet times the whole technique was backward: no processor, computers, and in general, the parents saw more dinosaurs. Meanwhile, many products of Soviet times not only have not lost their relevance, but still considered unsurpassed.

It so happened to the BPC binoculars 20 * 60, which was produced at ZOMZ (Zagorsk Opto-Mechanical Plant) in Sergiev Posad. Production of this binoculary began in 1983 and was intended for this technique to observe at the biggest distance.

This is the most powerful and high-quality binoculars from all those produced ever in the USSR.

Even in the passport of the product it is written that in the presence of a tripod can be used to observe the starry sky. If there are the most advanced enlightenment at that time (without any nanotechnology and help from Skolkovo) through binoculars, it was possible to see to catch almost the entire Mesia catalog — and this, notice, not planets, and nebulae and star clusters, which Frenchman watched through the three-meter telescope!

Binoculars turned out to be so cool that she was exported: in 1987, the brand «TTA» was created. Many foreign military, sailors, captains, yachtsmen thought for the honor to wear such a device on his chest. However, the collapse of the USSR produced the best in the world (I will not be afraid of this word) binoculars could not stand. Over time, the quality of their manufacture has fallen, the number of orders decreased at times, and soon it comes to no.

And at the other end of the Earth, in the sunny Australia, in the National Park, there is no tourists armed with old Soviet binoculars who want to see the surroundings and surprisingly close, but such a bottomless starry sky.