Why can’t make money on seedlings?


Seedling is a phenomenal thing! The fact is that earnings in the seedlings are the most undervalued and revalued earnings at the same time.

If you see the videos on YouTube or websites with advertising goods for gardeners, then all the events … seedlings … seedlings … In short, people who are engaged in rowing a million dollars a day, go to Mercedes and have a small dacha in 5000 sq. / m somewhere on Bali.

If you ask people who were engaged in this, but they threw it, then it makes a very sad picture:

I did it, the heepgain is not worth it …

Hebked, for a penny worked …

Yes, you’re that, there it is necessary to plow so, and the exhaust is minimal …

Meanwhile, I personally know 5 … No, 6 people who are engaged exclusively sediate, on Mercedes, of course, do not go, but there is a decent machine in the farm, and not alone, there is an apartment, the house … Life — Full bowl.

So what is the reason for such polar opinions? Everything is very simple!

Those who shouts that at seedlings do not earn or do not worked with her at all, or did not do that seedl.

I’ll tell you two small stories.


For almost a year he copied money, every day off came to the garden, Kopal, concreted, cooked heating, sheltered polycarbonate. Affairs was a pavement.

Closer to the spring, when everything was ready for a hundred dreams, Seryozha quit from work and printed a financial pillow: acquired seeds, fertilizers, soils, watering system, and other farm, which is simply necessary to achieve a dream about the bright future.

Seeds, by the way, he ordered very good and expensive with a 100% guarantee of germination from the famous American company Panamerican SEED. It is believed that this is a professional solution for many large firms and gardeners who are engaged in the seedle.

About many varieties that he ordered, I did not hear what I did not even think that it happened in principle.

There was so much exotic!

Money has a trailer and a small trolley. In the spring, he went to the fairs, brought his wife to trade with children and even a mother-in-law, his mother, went to help the son-in-law earn at least a polyrolol for Mercedes.

Do you know what it ended?

That’s right, nothing!

No, the profit was and in principle, very good, he began to beat his investment immediately. The problem was in another: the profits received for the season from sales seedlings did not have enough to live until the next season. Plus, he did not consider losses from the fact that part of the seed did not climb, other fertilizers were required and a lot was not sold.

That is, part of the plants just went to compost!

Thinking at your leisure about the bread, Sergey went to get a job. Business said yookk. He is still engaged in the seedlings, but not at such a scale — from time to time the spring exports his wife to the fair.


Her photos you saw on the first photo.

She is doing the same as Sergey. Only on an industrial scale. And it does not deal with raspberries or lilac, nor tomatoes or apple trees, but exclusively annual flowers, and one species — petunias. To dilute the range there are still a couple of other species, but they do not take more than 10%.

Petunia and only Petunia, but any colors and varieties with the boxes. Restores are very favorable goods — they always take a lot and often, the demand for them exceeds the offer.

This took advantage of Oksana. Each gardener of our city, who drives off the bus from the place of general collection, or goes to the whole family by car to the garden, will definitely buy from it 10-20, and sometimes 100 rooting roots: milliflora, multiflora, grandioflora, ampel, etc. etc.

Dear import seeds it does not buy fundamentally — it is enough of our price 10 times cheaper than American. And you can buy them immediately in the packaging of 5-10 kilograms, and not 50-100 pieces.

Every morning she comes to the same place, unloads out of a good car a few dozen !!! Boxes with seedlings. And in the evening there is empty boxes back. During the day, she is bought from 12 to 15 boxes seedlings, each cost 100 roots.

Petunia’s price last year was 40 rubles per bush. This year the price fell and amounts to 25 rubles. I do not want to consider other people’s money, but still multiply and draw conclusions.

Yes, it is heavy, cautious work. Only on the part it seems:

Yes, that such, planted and do not blow to the mustache! Then people will buy everything …

Nothing like this!

In the sweat of the face you have to enhance the whole family. All the spring and the beginning of summer they almost do not sleep: day trade, work in the greenhouse in the evening. A few hours have to sleep.

But it is paid for such work very well as well. Moreover, in recent years, the seedlings of Petunia began to buy not only gardeners-private owners, but also municipal authorities, organizations, urban institutions. And they take 500 — 3000 bushes at once.

Why wasn’t lucky and lucky second? Is it lucky? Maybe this is constant, everyday work, accurate calculation and correctly selected niche?

Most likely all together …

But the values of invested labor, time and material resources does not cancel! By the way, the experience of Oksana began to copy many gardeners of our city, and, we must admit, quite successfully. But about this is another story.