Why do Europeans put unusual bent tables in their yards, which can not be put


Once the Emperor Nero came to a meeting to his generals in a tog with very beautiful clashes, decorated with unusual bright blue stones. In the next meeting, all the generals flashed exactly with the same clashes.

A week later, almost all officers of the army of an ancient Rome were used by such clashes. A month later, all Roman aristocrats had several pairs of such jewelry. The master who did, bought not far from the eternal city a very large estate — he worked well so well.

So the fashion appeared.

Modern society is subject to fashion even stronger. In the evening they saw the fans of their idol in white sneakers of a well-known company, the next day everything is intended from the shelves. The world refills trends. Often they are useless, a person just wants to look like everything.

But sometimes they are aimed at a good cause. And today we will talk about one such very useful trend, which covered most of Europe and is very closely connected with the needlework.


And, oddly enough, it is closely associated with global climate change.

It is no secret that lately on our Blue Ball, the name of which the land becomes a bit burned. In the past summer, half of Europe suffered from the inspected heat. People fell from thermal blows directly on sidewalks.

Many, like the bonding baths, bathed right in street fountains. The authorities of some European countries were forced to put the police next to them … which because of standing on the Pakele themselves were forced to take baths in them protected objects. What to say? Democracy!

But worse every summer I had to … wild birds. Due to the fact that many reservoirs in Europe dryed, rivers and lakes disappeared, the feathered became difficult to extract himself not only food, but also a lifeful moisture. In some cities of Spain, Italy, Sicily and even in England, cases were recorded when the birds just fell from the sky.

Carrying people tried to focus them, feed, scattered food and put water in cups and basins. Gradually, the movement for the rescue of the feathered strengthened and began to be called the Buding — Caring for Birds.

And basins, glasses and other small dishes moved to the background, because for the birds began to make special concave tables, in the center of which water was poured. The table is placed under the tree or in the center of the courtyard (garden), and the feeder hangs on the branches of the nearest tree.

The table-drinker for wild birds is called — Boebuff, that is, the bird’s bath. Now it is one of the most popular trends of needlework in Europe — tables for watering and bathing of wild birds are sold not only on Ethsi, but also on Amazon, IBEY.

Naturally, where without him, feeling the demand for this trend was connected by China. On Aliexpress, curved acrylic baths with colored seal appeared on the aliexpress.

But, most popular tables, whose countertops are made of bent (prayed) colored artistic glass. Such tables are sold from 120 euros — it all depends on the fancy of the wizard and the thickness of the buyer’s wallet.

Some work language is not rising called crafts — these are real works of art. And they are suitable, some booths cost 2500 — 3000 euros.

We have many in winter make feeders for birds, but I hear about the tables for the first time. Maybe in the southern regions, somewhere in Krasnodar, the Crimea put this? Have you seen?