Why, in the midst of the Ural Steppe, a mega-factory is built for the production of scarce materials: flew over it


I would never have thought that in the 21st century there was still a vivid thing as a deficit.

The city of Magnitogorsk, in which I live, is not forgotten by production, only the Metomkombinat is worth what. In addition to him, the plants in the city scattered a whole bunch, naturally, to the addition of a large emissions in the atmosphere in appearance.

With ecology full seams!

And even no less complete seams with construction materials. Especially with cement and other construction mixtures. It seems to be challenge around the house, you turn around, chaired, handle the hydrophobizer — it looks expensive.

The next year, there is no trace from any expensive, it smelts everything under clean. Whether the climate is completely unspoked with us, whether building materials on the tropics are designed. It even reached the fact that people ordered high-quality cement from Turkey and Kazakhstan. And this is despite the fact that in the city itself quite successfully smokes a large cement.

So with good and inexpensive cement and other construction mixtures in the southern Urals stress. Having learned about it, Austrians came to the city. Rather, the international company — Lasselysberger, which unites more than 75 industrial plants around the world.

The Austrians looked around and said:

We will build a new super-modern plant in your city?

-No, we have our own!

But people are forced to bring high-quality cement from abroad!

-Well, okay!

Then the Austrians shouted to the neighboring Bashkiria (Magnitogorsk is located 3 kilometers from the border with Bashkortostan). And there, the Austrians accepted both relatives, allocated the earth to them and said:

Molders, are stiff!

So in the midst of a completely empty Ural steppe began to build a super-modern plant for the production of finishing and other construction mixtures.

But the biggest chip of the new plant is a white cement, which before, and now many are forced to buy in Turkey.

White cement is a superobalden thing with which it is more pleasant to work. It dials 60% of the strength after 16 hours after grasping, which allows building buildings, monolithic structures, staircases at times faster.

In addition, due to increased dispersion, white cement is much less susceptible to the destruction of surfaces from freezing cycles / defrost.

2.2 billion rubles were already invested in the first line of the plant for the production of dry mixtures. This year she will start acting. In the second line, another 12 billion will be attached and it will be the largest production of white cement in the Urals and Siberia.

But most of all I was struck by the fact that it would be all 500 people with the highest level of automation on this superior production with the highest level of automation. Damage for ecology is estimated as near.

What to say? Well done! Not afraid in the midst of the steppe open to all winds, from scratch to build a completely new modern production.