Why in the US and Australia, rich people put in the middle of the house old boats.


As the fashion is to blame and the beginning of this fashion put no other as a famous writer, sailor, a fisherman and, part-time, a big amateur of Green Zmia — Ernest Hemingway. The last thing, as many know, he loved so much that in the interruptions between the writer’s work, Zmiy and Hemingway were simply not spilling water.

It came to the fact that once the writer once put it an ultimatum: you love the sea, fishing, boats and drink that you do not have time for me. Therefore, choose:

Or me or your hobbies.

The writer thought for a long time, but still chose the first, promising his half someone to ravages all his hobbies in one thing that the wife remains more time.

One day, when the spouse arrived home, I was waiting for a surprise: in one of the corners of their huge house there was a vertically old fishing boat, inside which the shelves were notaded by the writer, who was driving a few books and bottles with a pork. Next to the boat, louncing in the chair, waited for the return of his wife completely unbearable Hemingway. Seeing his spouse, he smiled and said:

I promised to combine, look!

So from the old boat turned out to be quite a good wine book-writing cabinet. This «designer» Nakhodka spied the writer’s friends and some even built such shelves. The beginning of fashion was laid.

So, thanks to the fiction of the writer (unfortunately, she did not save marriage) in the States, in Cuba, in Australia, fashion appeared to put the old boats with the shelves in the big houses.

Since a lot of rich people in the United States, and there are few old boats, a concrete deficit was formed. In addition, old boats are not very well smelled, so also processed by bitumen.

A large carpentry workshops appeared on the wave of popularity, which specialize in the manufacture of only one object of the home decor — cabinets.

Today you can choose any boat in size and cost, for very rich people make boats from valuable wood, the price of which can reach up to 12 thousand dollars. And this, for a minute, without a small million, our wooden. The largest workshop for the manufacture of wardrobes is located in the United States in the city of Ki-West, it receives more than 1000 orders for the year.

The flight of the fantasy of modern masters does not stop exclusively on wine and bookcases — in the form of boats make storage systems for children’s rooms, agricultural and garden equipment.

Fashion on closets in recent years has come to Russia. The first carpentry workshops that offer such boats for sale appeared in Moscow. Price from 9 to 25 thousand rubles for a simple boat and up to 100 thousand per boat from valuable wood.

So, thanks to the fiction of the famous writer, a very interesting fashion appeared on new furniture. Such cabinets in the United States are still called Hamingway cabinets. Would you put such a boat?