Why on the southern Urals when congressing from the road, the road signs of black packages


Russia is a phenomenal country!

All countries Country!


In the entire normal, civilized world, if the need for a road sign disappeared even on a day or two, it is removed and take temporary storage, or is closed with a special plastic plug bright orange.

The driver sees a bright orange stain and understands — the familiar sign for him for a while has lost strength.

We are not difficult way to do not seek something to pass something to carry plastic plugs that take too much space in the trunk of a service car when you can use the easiest object: a garbage bag. And in Guest, we will register a special service action to ensure road safety. It’s called:


That is, the garbage bag in Russia is a cover for a road sign. From the point of view of GOST, everything is legal: security is observed, an unnecessary sign is closed from the driver’s gaze, a trash bag in place.

Do you know what the difference between the plastic plug and the garbage bag?

The plug employee of the Bourgeois road service receives in the police station on the basis of a special order — permissions, which is issued in coordinating the road repair service and road police — analogue of our DPS.

Durable package of 120 liters The staff of the road services is obtained in any economic store without any coordination, paying rubles 70 maximum. The main requirement for it: so that you can pull onto the road sign.

The greatest advantage of this method is speed. I pulled quickly, quickly removed. Well, you already guessed what I lead to. And enjoy this means of instant confusion / discharge … Yes, yes, yes, they are.

I will give a specific example. The other day, our city in the Heavenly Office out of turn allocated a ticket to the summer. Literally in a couple of days, the temperature flew to +23.

All citizens rushed to nature.

And since the nature I wanted very much, many motorists rushed a little faster than usual. Therefore, they did not notice how the usual road signs were turned out to be hung:

Motorists know, the crossing mark removes all the restrictions that were before him.

So, what is the scheme of the divorce: Before turning, the overtaking sign is forbidden, then there is a steep turn with a solid separation strip, followed by a long, perfectly smooth and straight site of the track.

Fly yourself like a bullet!

Not there was something. Immediately by turning, surrounded by birch frightened, there is a quick-release sign of the intersection. It is almost not visible! And it turns out that any overtaking in this section of the path becomes prohibited.

Exactly in the middle of the high-speed segment is the crew of the DPS, which is watching each who agoned in the usual place allowing the overtaking sign. And each inattentive motorist prescribes the first number: deprivation of a driver’s license or …

To the question of a dumbfounded driver:

Purchased ended! What is the reason for the hurried sign?

This answer is given:


So she was in the winter! Then it was more dangerous! Could put a speed limit.

-And you should not be interested!

When I drove past, I decorated 7 cars!

In the evening, when drivers reached home, all road signs were discussed.

Apparently, the river disappeared!

So, if you pass through the southern Urals, and see the operation «Conference», then remember — this is not good, it is quite possible right around the turn you will be waiting for «accelerators».