Why this year half of the builders will remain without work, and the second half will bathe money


Those who attract hired workers from the places are not so remote (do not think anything wrong — Central Asia), he will be in span. There are already a deficit on these respected comrades. The ruble exchange rate was played by a joke — now it’s not so profitable to work in Russia.

If earlier in one summer, the hired employee of the lowest qualification model take closer — throw further from Sunny Tickeston brought the five-time living on all his family to the second knee per year, now not more than double. I do not argue, it is still profitable, but the motivation is no longer the motivation.

In my city there is a closed group of local brigadiers and visitors, where objects are discussed, the cost, place of work, and so on. A kind of superjob analogue in a urban scale. Now there are no free brigades there.

Simply no!

That’s who we have a strategic resource, and you speak oil, gas … Migrant workers.

At least half the brigades in provincial towns simply will not come.

In addition, in many Asian countries, «the monomacha hat» covered so that everyone is sitting in their villages and even the market for flour and rice do not go out.

Plus, the finishing materials have risen in price — I do not speak about the metal at all. Familiar sales manager who works in the sweat of the calculator on a metal bureau, rightly said:

If something needs to be taken for the summer — take now. We rewrite price tags every day!

All the most popular building materials went up by at least 22%, and by summer the total rise in price will be at least 30%. So, all expenses not related to work will grow by a third.

Accordingly, the «hired» companies without their brigades will fly as a plywood over the glorious city of Paris or even steeper as Tu-22m over Washington: I will not take a lot of price, but you will need to pay more, and building materials have risen in price, so come still finding these workers.

And who will swim in the money?

Those who have a normal reputation and their own «printed» or regular brigades. The work of such companies has been painted for the first half of summer.

This year I need to be sunmage of the roofs, set drip strips, a grid against birds and insects and make a drainage system. With my friend (a brigade, which is engaged in alteration and finishing roofs), I called in early March: on our South Ural standards, another winter and to the construction season as it were far away. Many builders in the past years in March were still in the winter hibernation of Aki Grizzly in Canadian Taiga. And for my call, I would say:

Sweep, dear, call back at the end of April.

This year, many, science of bitter experience, do everything in advance. Me too. But I am not one smart — it turned out to be a bunch of people rapidly.

Do you know when they recorded me? At the end of July! And instead of agreed in September 55 thousand for work, I will have to pay a brigade 80.

This construction season turns out such an alignment: everything, Russian-speaking brigades will be littered with orders for the same not indulge.

What to say? Only one thing: I bet money, we buy materials, negotiate with employees in advance.