«You again did not come in time again. Let’s explain when you need and why almost all drivers come late»


Traditionally, the head of the family is heading the car in Russia. Well, how not to love the car, which will not only take you from point A to point B, but also thumps with the guys on hockey, football, fishing and other men’s joy. So your beloved swallow all real men holly and cherish.

Well, or almost everything …

But not in our family!

No, I’m watching for the car, I buy it, I buy air fresheners, well, sometimes I open the hood to see, and what else besides the wheels and the steering wheel. This, of course, a joke, but the fact remains a fact: the repair of cars and other service is the wife.

And this is two simple explanations. First, she rides mainly by car. And who rides on the sled, that they … well, you understand the logic. Secondly, do not believe, in it there is your big plus.

The fact is that any man coming to the service is automatically considered to be dismantled in the machines. Therefore, the masters do not explain anything: repaired, changed and free — drive further by my affairs. You are a man, you know everything.

The situation is radically changing when the doors of the car service opens a woman. It will tell her everything, will show, they will explain, they will try to make it quickly, sometimes out of turn (sometimes they try to deceive, but the wife is good in cars, so it rolled it).

So it happened this time. In the South Urals suddenly brought winter. Just shone the sun, as suddenly 5 centimeters of snow fell. And joyful meteorologists promised to throw back. And tomorrow we have a trip to IKEA for furniture for the workshop. A trip through the snow-covered Pass on summer tires is another attraction.

I took the tire from the garage, gently put them in the car and traditionally told my wife:

Sun, come?

After 5 minutes I have already rode the tire on the tire itself, since I politely explained that if the wife goes to change the wheels, then the husband should cook dinner.

Of the two angry, I do not hesitate to choose the smaller ?.

And what was my surprise, when, instead of an old, well-known Master met me a young guy. And with the words:

Well, how snow went, so everyone rushed. What do you all come so late? Normal people have long changed.


In general, while my swab has changed rubber wings with summer on the winter, the master spent a small autoly hunting manitarian.

It turns out that snow falls out or a holly appears to change the tires already late. As they say, it’s late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys fell off.

The fact is that the rubber with the summer on the winter should be changed when at 6:00 am on the street will be -3. The first early frosts, as a rule, come at 24:00 and keep up to 2 or 3 hours at night. In this case, it is not necessary to change the rubber — in the morning there will be +.

But, as soon as the temperature is lowered in the morning to -3 — it came to real seasonal cooling and the rubber should be urgently changed. In the minus morning, a black ice is formed when the machines are massively fighting and declare the all-Russian holiday «Tinsmith’s Day».

So when the snow falls the borzhomi to drink already late — you can simply do not get to the tire fitting. Yes, and queues from the same opazdunov as I will kilometer. Everyone wants to change the rubber.

And a few more facts that the young master told me, which was for me the discovery.

Summer rubber is better to take imported.

Until 2017 there was a clear division of rubber on summer and winter. Since this year, the rules of the European Union have changed and summer tires in these countries began to make more adapted for «border weather». So with +7 it is no longer worth it as before, it is better to keep soft. That is, in essence it became a kind of linden system. There are no such requirements in Russia and summer rubber is «oak».

But the winter tires is better to take exactly our or made specifically for Russia.

In the EU countries and especially in the countries of Northern Europe (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway), very strict requirements for the effects of studded rubber on the road surface. Therefore, there are less spikes in their tires, slightly supersed. There are no such restrictions in Russia and the customs union, therefore the spikes make «aggressive» and they are at times better inhibit.

So it goes. I quickly overwhelmed me a typewriter and I went home satisfied and happy just to dinner … Yeah … Dinner still I had to cook. Natalia did not have time with the order, I also had to correct the «second evil».